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Most of us are familiar with the traditional tank water heater. Cold water coming in is stored in a tank and then heated via gas, propane, or electricity. When the water in the tank starts to cool, the fuel source kicks in to heat the water again, so you always have hot water on demand when you turn on the faucet. Because they are more energy efficient, tankless water heaters have recently become the more popular choice for new homes.

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Water Heater Installation

Your new hot water heater should only be installed by a professional, fully-licensed plumber. At Kramer & Company Mechanical, we have several Northwest Arkansas water heater installation and repair experts available for you. While water heater installation may sound like a simple DIY project, we highly encourage you to call an expert. We answer dozens of calls every year from homeowners who’ve tried to fix or replace their own water heaters only to find that they’ve done something wrong. Save money by hiring one of our technicians for your water heater installation.

The installation is more complicated than at first glance. Faulty installation could mean the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage, and shock. Don’t take chances when it comes to your home or your family.

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New Water Heater Standards

Make sure your water heater is up to the current standards in energy efficiency! At Kramer & Co. we follow the latest advances to offer you new products that are more energy efficient to lower your operating costs. It also means that the new “face” of water heaters (potentially larger size and more sophisticated design) may force a re-location in your home and/or an increase in installation costs. One impact is an increase in overall tank size – by up to two (2) inches in diameter and one to two (1-2) inches in height. Units over 55 gallons will have to use condensing technology.

Give us a call at 479-855-6161. We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the best options for your next water heater installation whether it be tankless, gas, or electric. We’ll work with you to finance the right water installation for your needs and provide you with an estimate up front before we do any of the work.

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