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Regular HVAC Maintenance

Annual maintenance is a condition of your manufacturer’s warranty. You will see the benefits far outweigh the investment of this proactive service. Regular maintenance customers will be invited to renew their enrollment on the expiration date of their agreement.  Your Maintenance Technician can answer any questions you may have during their visits. We will contact you to schedule your clean and checks in the spring and fall. Here’s what your regular maintenance schedule will look like:

Technical Procedures:

• Test Operating Pressures
• Test and Adjust Blower Components
• Test and Check Safety Controls
• Check Filters
• Clean out Condensate Drain
• Test voltage of Motors
• Test AMP Draws on Motor
• Lubricate Necessary, Moving Parts
• Calibrate Thermostat
• Check for Proper Air Flow
• Measure Temperature Difference
• Check Expansion Valve (If applicable)
• Check and clean Coils (If Accessible)
• Test in Heat/Cool Cycles (Seasonal)
• Inspect Heat Exchanger (Winter)
• Check and Clean burners (Winter)
• UV Lights (If applicable)
• Check Heat Strips (If applicable)

Additional Benefits:

• Improved Efficiency
• Restored Capacity
• Extended Equipment Life
• No Service Call Charge
• Agreement is Transferable
• 5% Discount on Parts & Labor

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service to keep your system in as good a working condition as possible. One major repair discount can more than pay for this valuable program.

Regular HVAC Maintenance
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