Commercial Services

Commercial Plumbing

Since we’re business owners ourselves, we certainly understand there’s a lot of juggling going on. When you hire Kramer & Co. for your commercial plumbing and HVAC services, that’s one less thing on your plate. Breathe easy, knowing that our licensed services will take care of you with the quality, reliability and personable care we offer as a local company right here in Northwest Arkansas.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system for the latest in energy efficiency, needing to build a new unit from scratch or hoping to find a local company that you can rely on, Kramer & Co. has you covered.

Our high quality and personalized commercial plumbing services include:

  • Commercial Drain Cleaning – Whatever’s clogged, we’ll get that taken care of and have your business running smoothly again. Grease lines, clogged drains, clogged sinks, clogged toilets, and more.
  • Industrial Plumbing – Repairs, remodels, additions, new construction.
  • Repair or install any size water heater
  • Installing a new water, sewer or gas line to your building
  • Installation of grease traps
  • Medical gas installation or repair on piping
  • Backflow testing and repair
  • A total upgrade of system parts for more energy efficiency and utilizing the latest technology to save you time and money, including installation of sewer camera inspection monitors, touchless faucets, tankless water heaters and smart pipe systems that monitor water pressure and keep you informed about any leaks as soon as they start
  • Rental Unit Maintenance care – if you’re seeking care to units you don’t own, look no further. Kramer & Co. will make sure you don’t have to suffer a leaky sink or a clogged bathroom drain.
  • Troubleshooting – from slab leak detection gas line inspection, to not knowing why water pressure is so low or why your water bill is too high – we’ll figure out what’s going on and make sure you’ll have optimal performance on all your commercial plumbing needs.
  • New system installation – if you’re ready to upgrade your pipes, sinks and bathrooms, we’re ready to install with the quality and personalized care you can count on.


Whatever your commercial plumbing needs may be, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today so we can help you with all of your plumbing-related needs. Fill out our form of call today.