Bad Plumbing Repair of the Year

And the first nominee for Worst Plumbing Repair of the Year goes to…
This attempted repair of an outdoor faucet (hydrant/sillcock/hosebib).

Someone had tried to repair a leak in this copper line, multiples by the looks of it. Our customer advised this must have been done during a previous owner’s occupancy of the home, so we can assume this was either another contractor, or possibly a previous owner of the home.

From the pictures above, you can see where they used a, which is the proper way to install, connect, and repair copper pipes and fittings, along with clamping mechanisms where acceptable. After removing this from the wall, we replaced with a new frost-proof wall hydrant, made the proper connections with new copper fittings, and soldered together. This customer now has a properly functioning outdoor hydrant that will no longer be causing water damage to their home.

Our suggestion: If you cannot solder copper with proper equipment, avoid the “band-aid” fix and please give Kramer & Co. Mechanical, Inc. a call. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and we stand by our work. Service with Integrity.

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