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At Kramer & Co Mechanical, we base our business on helping people with honest, dependable service backed by ensuring your 100% satisfaction. We treat our customers like we want them for life.

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A locally owned Company whose business is providing the best value in Northwest Arkansas. If we see you at the grocery store or park, we will be able to look you in the eye and say “Hello.”


If we disagree with a Manufacturer’s directions for the install of a product, we will talk with the Manufacturer, not experiment on your home. We demand accountability for ourselves and the products we install.


Our employees’ income is based on productivity, customer reviews and quality of work, not on hours billed. We work efficiently to complete your job satisfactorily, not rushed and poor, or slow and lazy.
The office set up my service call expeditiously. The service tech. arrived 30 min. early but was courteous enough to call to make sure that was OK. Once here he proceeded with the check of our AC system and made some recommendations regarding the use of register filters with a heat pump system. The system was thoroughly checked and cleaned. Former Brown’s HVAC customers can feel confident using Kramer. Patti L.

As I scanned the yellow pages for a plumber, I noticed Kramer & Co Mechanical’s ad. I called and left a message with their secretary, and the owner returned my call promptly, within half an hour. They were quick to come out to assess the problem, and made an appointment to fix it the very next day. The price was fair, the service was wonderful, and now everything’s back in working order! Scott M.

Kramer & Co Mechanical has done quite a bit of work for us over the past three and a half years, and we have never had any complaints. More recently they came out to repair a pipe that had burst and flooded the house. They were able to come out right away to take care of the problem, and per usual they were polite, friendly, and great to work with. I would highly recommend them! Susan P.

Tis the season...for dirty air filters. HomeIt’s that time a year again and now more than ever are people spending more time indoors. As furnaces and heat pumps are being pushed to their limit, ensuring homes are staying warm, so too are the filters that the air passes through. Often, we forget about these filters that help keep the air circulating through our home free of contaminates. The filter you see here was pulled out of a system of one of our customers. This may just be the dirtiest air filter I have ever seen, and I once had one that came out in 3 pieces! This is, of course, on the extreme side of examples, but most filters we see on service calls are not too far from this. Replacing your return air filter is a homeowner level maintenance, however most homeowners do not think about replacing them of they forget or simply do not have the time. Most homeowners are not equipped to fully service their HVAC system itself, which is a more complex system than most would care to admit. This is why your equipment’s manufacturer recommends and sometimes requires proof of yearly preventative maintenance checks on your HVAC system be done by a licensed HVACR contractor, and preferably a reputable, licensed, and insured company. These checks help increase the longevity of your equipment, they can help prevent sudden equipment failures and of course they help to ensure your indoor air quality is as high as it can be. Paying a little each year, can help save you a lot in the long term and can be the definitive factor in your system lasting on the higher end of that 15-25 year average lifespan. Also, who wants to breathe in dirty air? ... See MoreSee Less
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And the first nominee for Worst Plumbing Repair of the Year goes to…HomeThis attempted repair of an outdoor faucet (hydrant/sillcock/hosebib).HomeHomeSomeone had tried to repair a leak in this copper line, multiples by the looks of it. Our customer advised this must have been done during a previous owner’s occupancy of the home, so we can assume this was either another contractor, or possibly a previous owner of the home.HomeHomeFrom the pictures below , you can see where they used a “DIY” style copper repair method that involves the use of puttys, sealants, glues, and tape all in an effort to avoid soldering, which is the proper way to install, connect, and repair copper pipes and fittings, along with clamping mechanisms where acceptable. After removing this from the wall, we replaced with a new frost-proof wall hydrant, made the proper connections with new copper fittings, and soldered together. This customer now has a properly functioning outdoor hydrant that will no longer be causing water damage to their home. HomeHomeOur suggestion: If you cannot solder copper with proper equipment, avoid the “band-aid” fix and please give Kramer & Co. Mechanical, Inc. a call. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and we stand by our work. Service with Integrity. ... See MoreSee Less
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